Tips On Travelling With Your Dog

travel with dogIf you’re anything like me, you don’t like going anywhere with your dog. Add to that the fact I don’t like leaving my dog at a kennel, taking your dog with you when you go away can be great fun! While a beach holiday might not be the best place to take your dog (I do make exceptions!), there are plenty of trips where you can take your dog with you. But if you’re not prepared, a dream trip with your furry friend can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Where to stay
It’s absolutely essential to do some research before taking off. There are some great places to stay which are completely dog friendly and ever cater to dogs. I saw one which had a doggy roomservice menu – how great is that? Google “dog friendly hotels” and add wherever you’re going. Plenty should come up. It is important to always check beforehand whether it’s ok to bring your dog, as many hotels won’t allow them to stay in the room.

Keep your dog on the leash
When exploring new places, make sure you have your dog under control. He/She might be over excited about seeing a new environment if he’s used to the same walks every time.

Should you crate your dog for travel?
While I always feel really bad when I see a dog in a crate, it turns out that’s just us – most dogs won’t have a problem with being crated. It’s even possible your dog will feel safer in one. Before you put them in though, make sure you exercise them sufficiently and remove anything dangerous from the crate. A dog shouldn’t be able to wander around the car either, he should be secured to avoid any injuries.

dog-travel-tipsDriving with your dog
My dog loves driving. I put her in the boot and she will hapily look outside for hours. However I know many dogs don’t like it and even get carsick. The key here is not to feed your dog too much before you start your journey.

Taking your dog on the plane
The best thing to do is check with the airline you’re travelling with whether you can take you’re dog – there are plenty of rules. They can also give you the best practice. As with driving, give the dog sufficient energy beforehand, and do not feed the dog before putting them into a crate.

Keeping the dog calm
Is there anything your dog loves, like a favorite toy? Make sure you bring that along to calm him/her down.

Water and food

If you’re going far away, you may want to give your dog some bottled water. It’s a good way to avoid an upset tummy and also running out of water. Same with food, make sure you bring plenty of it so you don’t have to go looking for a store on your trip.


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