Causes And Solutions For Dog Acne

Much like humans, dogs can get acne as well. But not to worry, it doesn’t tend to be a permanent and serious condition. Dog acne occurs when hair follicles become irritated – the root cause tends to be genetic and due to hormones. Bulldogs for example have a short coat, and therefore are more likely to suffer from it.

dog acneThere are a lot of treatments, but instead of throwing medication at the problem, it may well be healthier to try some home remedies for pimples and see what kind of results this brings. While some things might only work on human skin, it’s still worth a try if it doesn’t hurt the dog.

One of the causes for acne on dogs can be lack of hygiene. You can eliminate a lot of the bacteria by improving the dogs hygiene. But in some cases the best thing to do is nothing and wait it out. Messing with the skin might make things worse. Having said that, a popular solution is to wash your dog with a medicated shampoo designed specifically for pets. The problem with this is that some of these shampoos can irritate the skin further and cause more problems. Make sure you know what you’re using, how it will affect the dog and that it is a high quality product.

The symptoms again are very similar to a teenager. You’ll see blackheads and red bumps. Another telltale sign is when the dog constantly rubs himself against things. It’s important that if you’re concerned to take him to the vet for a thorough exam. Before he can find a treatment, a vet would need to know the breed of the dog and how old the dog is. It would be useful to know how long he’s suffered from it as well. For example, this is very common in adolescent dogs so that might reduce your anxiety a little bit but on the other hand it could be a sign of something worse.

In my opinion any treatment should be focused on relieving the discomfort, but that’s just me. I don’t like seeing my best friend in pain! There are all kinds of different lotions and creams, including antibiotics in case the condition becomes unbearable or the vet deems it necessary for the proper healing.

Much of the advice in a leading acne cure book written by Mike Walden would work on a dog as well, despite it being written for people. After reading an Acne No More review we found some very interesting similarities between you and your pets. So it might be a good idea to try that out, especially if you’re suffering from a similar condition.

Hopefully these tips will help you find a good acne treatment so that he can be healthy once again!



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