Should I Take Out Pet Insurance For My Dog?

Dogs can be expensive. A little too expensive for some owners. To make things worse, some dog breeds are more prone to disease and will cost you more over their lifespan. Dog insurance is one way to protect yourself from running out of money, or at least not paying crazy amounts when things go insurance

Why get dog insurance?

Here’s a few things pet insurance can protect you from:

  • Injuries and accidents: Things can go wrong, and broken bones, swallowed toys or harmful substances or even bite wounds could happen.
  • Illness such as infections or stomach problems
  • Advanced medical care such as hereditary and congenital conditions, or even behavioral problems.
  • General care such as checkups and vaccines

The great news is that with a great dog insurance plan, you could gain access to advanced medical treatments for your pet, and not worry too much about the veterinary bills. In other words, it allows you to move your focus away from the cost, and focus on your dog’s wellbeing. The amount of protection and treatment you’ll have access to will depend on the type of insurance plan you sign up for. So it’s important to really do your homework and pick the plan that fits not only your dog, but your personal situation the best.

Should you get insurance for your dog?

We think so. So many things can go wrong with a dog, and at the end of the day, it’s likely to be a member of the family. Wouldn’t you want to give your furry friend the best of everything? It’s a good idea to at least get a basic dog insurance cover and if you can afford it, add on extras such as advanced medical treatment. You can get instant quotes online from various insurance companies, and compare the best quotes in minutes. It might even be worth asking for a special deal if you’re on the phone or checking to see whether there are any discounts available online.

Like I said before, do your homework, and make sure you know what you’re signing up for. What’s the total cost, when does it need to be paid and what exactly does it cover. Does it cover all medical bills, just a part of the vet’s costs or none at all? Be sure you know enough about the plan to avoid any surprises later on in the dog’s life.

One thing to bear in mind – if you have a very active dog or an accident prone dog – insurance is more of a necessity than a calm dog. Also look at your breed, are they likely to have medical issues later in life, if not, then insurance may be a bad deal for you. If the likelihood of future vet bills is high, insurance might very well save you a pile of cash!



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