Can your dog suffer from sunburn?

When I first heard of dogs getting sunburn I thought it was a joke. But I found out the hard way that sunburn is no joke. It affects our furry friends and we have to make sure we protect them from it.

home remedy for sunburn


Do Dogs Get Sunburnt?

While most dogs won’t get sunburnt, it’s certainly worth taking some precaution to avoid it in the first place. Interestingly enough, if your dog has short legs, then its likelier he will get sunburnt. Why? Well, his belly will be closer to the ground and therefore more exposed to the suns reflections on the ground.

Here’s my top three tips to avoid dog sunburn:

  1. Apply a high quality dog sunscreen. This can be difficult if it’s a furry dog, but should be applied to less hairy parts, like the belly.
  2. Just like humans, you should cover up when the sun is out. If your dog is prone to sunburn then out on a sun jacket to avoid him burning.
  3. Don’t cut his fur too short. Longer fur means more protection. But I do get the need to cut fur shorter when it gets warmer, just don’t go to close.

So hopefully this is enough to avoid sunburn in the first place, but what should you do when he gets a sunburn. Well there’s plenty of highly effective home remedies for sunburn you can try out.

Home Remedies For Sunburn

My favourite is coconut oil for sunburn relief. This natural sunburn cure will stop the pain, reduce redness and help get rid of the burns quickly. I always prefer using natural remedies and this is one of the best sunburn home remedies I use personally. So it’s certainly good enough for my dog!

Another great remedy is aloe vera. This wonder plant will heal the sunburn quickly while providing a cooling effect. The problem with this remedy is that there is a danger that if your dog can reach it, it will be too tasty for him to resist. So watch them carefully and apply frequently for the best results.

The strangest remedy is tea. That’s right tea! I’m not talking about drinking it either. You soak some tea bags into a bath of cold water, and when the water turns dark (from the tea), you wash your dog in the bath. I suggest using a little pool outside to avoid any major mess. This is a remedy I use on myself whenever I spend too much time in the sun, but it should work for your dog as well! If you’d like to know more, here’s some more information on why tea for sunburn works.

Hopefully this will help you enjoy this summer a little more. As always, take good care of your dog, and they will take good care of you. Don’t forget to prevent sunburn on yourself when going for walks in the sun.

For those of you who don’t like reading, here’s a quick summary of the top remedies (this is not specific to dogs, but most of these remedies apply equally to us and them):