How to choose a good dog sitter

If you’re anything like me, you want to know your pet is well taken care off when you go away. I personally don’t like to use a dog kennel for my own dog, but that really is just my preference. There’s plenty of kennels out there. If you’re wanting a dog kennel, read this article by the humane society to understand what to look for when choosing a kennel.

Why should you hire a pet sitter?

choosing the right dog sitterA dog sitter is more than just someone who walks and feeds my dog. My dog is needy, as are most dogs. While food is always on there minds, they have emotional needs just like us. Unless you have a very high quality dog kennel in your area that would cater to such emotional needs, I would always suggest using an experienced dog sitter. I always try to find friends or family, and return the favor when they go away. But in some cases, I have actually gone out and hired someone to watch my dog during the day and night.

An added bonus of having a dog sitter is that the dog isn’t upset by having to change environments. While he might miss you, he can retain the same routine, and doesn’t have the added stress of being in a new environment.

Where do you find a good dog sitter?

You could place an ad or look through the phone book, but the best way is to get a recommendation from someone you know. Ask family and friends whether they have ever used a good pet sitter as they will be able to tell exactly what kind of service to expect.

What to watch out for

Don’t just find a person that offers pet sitting services and invite them to watch your dog. Please don’t do that. Check that person out carefully, as your dog’s life might depend on it. Here are some important things to do before hiring anyone:

  • Check the person’s references (they should have testimonials form other customers)
  • What kind of experience does the sitter have with dogs? Have they received any special training? Do they even like dogs?
  • A criminal background check should always be performed on that person before inviting them in your home.
  • Is the company fully bonded and insured?
  • Make sure they are providing a written service contract detailing their services and fees?
  • Will they be available to take your call to check up on them?

If you follow these simple rules, you should be in a position to hire a very trustworthy sitter, and be confident that your dog is safe and happy while you’re away from home.