Best Diet And Nutrition Tips For Your Dog’s Colon Health

The biggest mistake dog owners make is thinking that their diet should be similar to dogs. It shouldn’t, humans and dogs are very different biologically speaking. But one element where the diet should be similar is that they should both be high in fiber for an optimal digestive system.

Two of the best foods for fiber are apples and pumpkins. Apples are full of nutrients and vitamins, but don’t go overboard, as too many will lead to diarrhea. Pumpkins, in small portions can help with constipation and diarrhea. These foods, due to their source of fibre, are a great way to flush the toxins out of their colon, much like the best colon cleanser would flush out our system.

Just like with us, dehydration can be very dangerous and you should ensure he is drinking enough clean water each day. As a general rule, your dog will need at least one ounce of water for each pound of body weight. I would recommend bottled water unless you know the tap water is ok to drink. You could always filer the water to make sure it’s completely fine to drink.

colon healthMany dog owners do not feed their dogs raw vegetables. My Labrador loves raw vegetables and I feed her high fiber, nutrient rich foods such as carrots, cabbage and cucumbers all the time. This again aids the digestive system if given in smaller portions and helps detoxify and cleanse the bowels. Better nutrition does wonders for the skin as well.

You don’t have to go overboard either. Not everything should be fresh and natural. They are made up of strong stuff and can take quite a bit. Having said that, I’d always recommend you check the food labels of all products to ensure meat based foods have mostly meat or chicken in them and not artificial substances. Also look for quality ingredients. Protein levels should be higher than the fat levels to achieve optimal nutritional power.

In terms of supplements, if you follow our advice and give nutritionally balanced meals, supplements are probably not needed as long as they are healthy. Bear in mind, what’s good for us may not be good for a dog. Too many vitamins can be damaging to their health. Obviously there are special vitamin and mineral supplements specifically designed for them if you think they need it.

While you give your furry friend a change in diet, why not treat yourself to a detox as well. While you don’t want to put your pet on a complete detox, it’s a good idea to do it for yourself at least once a year. It doesn’t sound pleasant but a colon cleanse could really improve your wellbeing. If you’d like more information, you can read this Bowtrol Colon Cleanse review.


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